D-Divina, the princess who stole my wayward heart,
And calaboose my wayfarer life
Conquer and reign over my mind
Establish such vulnerable love.

I-Inspite of thousands faiies and nymphs
Who have desirable qualities
I've chosen you among those ladies
Making the queen of my kingdom in abyss.

V-Venusian maiden, im here to serve you
Making the rest of my best
Ready to give up to the extend of my life
Here on earth and in paradise.

I-I've save you from the hand of the beast
Who promises eternal hapiness
But you reaps pain and miseries.

N-Nimbleness of the night, the sky is clear
Stars are twingkling seemingly they are near
You're one of them looking so dear
Saying "My love I'm hear".

A-Angel my guardian angel
My one and only little belle
Cast away doubts and fear
Because I'm yours through the years.
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