A New CANVAS Contest For Writers - We're Excited!

CANVAS, as part of its mission, strives to open new opportunities for Filipino writers in the global market.

CANVAS is therefore very proud to announce that we have tied up with the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency, one of the top agencies in the United States to launch the CANVAS Story Writing for Young Children Competition (target readership: 4-6 years old).

We will be putting up a modest cash prize for the winner, but what should pique the interest of writers here is that Kelly Sonnack, Literary Agent at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency will review and provide feedback on the top five stories selected by CANVAS.

While there is no guarantee of anything beyond their look and review, it is notoriously difficult to even get stories considered for representation, much less publication, in the US.

We regard this as a huge, difficult-to-overstate, no-lose, possible-foot-in-the-door opportunity for writers to be introduced and hopefully represented by a literary agency that can help bring Filipino stories not just in the US, but to the worldwide market. We therefore highly encourage all Filipino writers to participate.

We will issue the official rules on Monday next week. Watch out for it!

In the meantime, check out these websites from authors whose picture books have recently done well in the U.S. market (just to give you a better sense of the types of stories that would be appropriate for the age group (4-6 years old) and that we'd be looking for): Mo Willems, David Weisner, Doreen Cronin, and Jon Scieszka.
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