Gapu iti kaadu ti pakasikoran iti napalpalabas a bulan ket diak unayen nakasirip wenno nakatambay sadiay "ILOCANO.ORG", maysa a website nga ayuyang dagiti Ilokano iti cyberspace.

Iti Ilocano.orgmo a makita wenno maam-aamo dagiti dadduma nga Ilokano nga agnaeden kadagiti agsasabali a disso ditoy Filipinas ken agramanpayen dagiti addan sadiay ballasiw taaw. Lallalo ket ti akinkukua ken webmaster iti nasao a website ket naka-base met sadiay Amerika.

Simple laeng ti rules sadiay, maiparit iti agsao iti Tagalog, ta ikkaten no kua ti webmaster. Agduduma iti topic a mabalin a pagpilian, ken amin dagitoy mabalinmo met ti agkomento. Ti agrasaw, maikkan iti suspension wenno maiparitton a dumap-aw, nga usar iti agpada a nagan.

Nabayagakon a miembro iti nasao a website, ket uray diak unay sumirsirip sadiay adda latta dagiti mangit-ited kaniak iti update babaen iti email. Isu nga idi kalman pinatulodandak iti imbitasion iti maysa a pasalip. Sinnuratan kano iti ababa a sarita, ket ti premio, doliar.

Mangrugi ti pasalip inton October 13 ket agngudo met inton December 6.

Ti numero uno a kwalipikasyon ket dapat miembroka ken nakapagposte iti minimum a 100 sakbay nga i-submit ti sarita. Kadagiti interesado mabalinyo pay ti kumamakam. Alisto laeng ti agiposte ti 100.



1. The contest is open to all members who have at least 100 posts at the time of submission of his/her entry.

2. Manuscript should be in Ilokano.

3. Contest officially starts on October 13, 2008 9:00 am Philippines Time and will end on December 6, 2008 9:00 am Philippines Time.

4. Length of the story is from 12 pages to 25 pages, typed double-space, font size 12, on regular bond paper (size 8 ½’ x 11’).

5. Only one entry is allowed per member. Pen Name is necessary to hide the identity of the contestant from the judges, thus will avoid any favoritism issue in the duration of the contest.

6. Contestants may submit any type of story, but with emphasis on Ilocano culture.

7. Entry should be original, and should not have been published yet nor have yet won any prize in any writing contest.

8. Pen Names shall be used in the manuscript, but to validate contestant's being an IDO member, his/her IDO Username must be indicated if different from the email address used. Usernames of winners shall be revealed after the contest.

9. A brief explanation on how the author has come up with the story’s plot is an added advantage.

10. Rest assured that only yours truly and the sponsor shall have knowledge of the author’s identity for the time being. Winners shall be notified, and only then shall they be requested to send their names and addresses.

11. All winning entries shall become the property of the sponsor, and the latter shall have the right to edit and publish them in any form, without prejudice to authors’ copyright.

12. The decision of the judges shall be final, unless otherwise found out that the author violated paragraph # 7.

13. Prizes shall be as follows:

First Prize - US$200.00

Second Prize – US$100.00

Third Prize – US$50.00

14. Sponsor: ANONYMOUS

15. Judges were pre-chosen and shall be sent invitations. Their identity shall remain confidential throughout the contest, and shall only be revealed together with their ratings on the day the results are to be posted.

16. Entries must be emailed to the following address not later than December 6th, 2008 9:00am, Philippines Time:

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