Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa's Statement

Nobel Laureate Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa

No ti Filipinas ket awanan pay iti Laureado Nobel, ti Peru ket naadaanen iti umuna a gundaway. Ita a tawen ket naited ti nasao a pammadayaw kenni Mario Vargas Llosa, maysa a nobelista ken dati a timmaray para ti presidensia idi 1990 ti pagilianda ngem naabak kenni Alberto Fujimori a nakabalud ita.

Saan a nakadidillaw a dagiti nobelana, salaysay ken kritisismo iti literatura ket aglaon maipapan iti politika a kas iti The Time of the Hero ken The Green House (denggen iti baba ti interbiu no ania ti estadona maipapan iti politika)

Let me say first that, although it is true that I have been participated in the political debate since i was young, I think it is very dangerous to use literature as a vehicle to promote political ideals. I think it is very risky because literature can become propaganda, and literature and propaganda are totally incompatible. I think literature can use politics, but that politics shouldn't use literature, because if it does, it destroys literature.

So, when I want to make a political statement, I write an essay, I write an article, or I give a lecture. 
I think that literature is something that embraces a much larger experience than politics. It's an expression of what is life, of what are all the dimensions of life. But politics is one among others.-

Iti maysa nga interbiu, dinamagda no adda paboritona a libro ket kastoy ti kunana:

Each book, for me, has been an adventure, a period of time dedicated to study, to document certain facts, to traveling and also to fantasize and to invent.

In general, a writer would like to think that the best book that he has written is the book that he is writing, and the next book will be even better. Maybe if this is not true, it is very useful to keep the illusion alive. -

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