Ti Nagbanagan Dagiti 12 a Disipulo

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Kalpasan ti pannakailansa ni Jesus, dua laeng kadagiti apostolesna ti nadakamat ti nasantuan a biblia no ania ti nagbanaganda dagitoy da James (ti anak a lalaki ni Zebedee), a pinapatay ni Herod Agrippa I babaen ti panangputolda ti ulona idi 44 AD ken ni Judas Escariote a nagbekkel kalpasan a natay ni Kristo.

Babaen kadagiti sinurat dagiti nagkakauna a Kristiano ket natunton no ania ti nagbanagan dagitoy a disipulo.

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Biography Brief



Peter ‡

·A fisherman whom Jesus called therock.

·First Bishop of Rome

Martyr Crucified at Rome under Nero.

Crucified up-side-down at his request because he did consider himself worthy to be crucified like Jesus.



[brother of Peter]

·Introduced Peter to Jesus

·Brought the lad with five loaves and fishes to Jesus.

Martyr Crucified at Patræ, Achaia [southern Greece].

Hung alive on the cross two days, exhorting spectators all the while.


James ‡

·A fisherman

·With Jesus in Gethsamane

Martyr Killed 10 years after the first martyr, Stephen.

His accuser was converted by James courage and the two were beheaded together.


John ‡

[brother of James]

·Known as the "beloved disciple."
·James and John "sons of thunder"

·At foot of cross with Jesus Mother

Natural Death The only apostle who did not meet a martyrs death. Banished by Roman Emperor Domitian to Isle of Patmos where he received The Revelation of Jesus Christ.,the last book in the Bible.



·The name Phillip is a Greek name

·Brought Bartholomew [Nathaniel] to Jesus

Martyr Crucified about 54AD

Preached the Gospel in Phrygia which was in the Roman Province of Asia near Ephesus [Turkey].


Bartholomew [Nathaniel]

·Jesus saw him under a fig tree.

Martyr Crucified by the idolaters of India.

Preached the Gospel in Mesopotamia [Iraq], Persia [Iran] and India.




·A fisherman on the same crew as Peter and Andrew.

·Called the "doubter."

Martyr Thrust through with spear in India .Preached the Gospel in Parthia [Iran] and in Kerala, [southern India] where yet today the Mar Thoma Church exists.


Matthew ‡

·Also called Levi

·Tax collector for the Romans

Martyr Killed with a sword about 60AD.

Preached the Gospel in Ethiopia.



[son of Alphaeus]

·Called James, the less [younger]

·First Bishop of Jerusalem

Martyr Stoned by Jews at his age 90, and ended up with his brains bashed out with a fuller’s club [used in dyeing clothes].


Jude ‡


·Writer, Book of Jude

Martyr Crucified 72AD at city of Edessa [Turkey].



[The Canaanite]

·Called "The Zealot" because he was associated with that sect.

Martyr Crucified in Britain in 74AD.

Also preached in Africa.


Judas Iscariot

·Treasurer of the apostolic group

·The Devil entered into Judas and he betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. ­John 13:2

Suicide And Judas cast down the 30 pieces of silver in the temple and departed, and went out and hanged himself. ­Matthew 27:5
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